16 de janeiro de 2018

new year, better me

Every year I create expectations about what I am going to experience. In 2017 I was able to find light where it only had darkness. Some amazing things happened to me, some amazing people I met, but I also had to collect my pieces that were left broken on the floor. In spite of all, eventually I managed my way out to things I desired and the obstacles were essential to push me into improving myself. Overall, I'm grateful for 2017.

Still, in 2018 I want to improve and learn even more. Therefore, I have created a resolutions list to work it out:

1. Read more books.

I always loved reading. Reading allows me to create an universe inside my mind, but, unfortunatelly, in 2016 and in 2017 I barely was able to read a complete book. In 2018 I hope to manage my time to read more, at least one book a month.

2. Dedicate myself more for college.

2017 was my first year in college, but so many things happened at the same time that I didn't dedicate myself to study for it. I left to study for my exams in the last minute and I spent some nights whitout sleeping to retrieve the time I had wasted. In 2018 I want to study more to achieve better grades. 

3. Learn a new language.

I have (finally) finished my English course and now I want to study a new language (French). I wish to be a diplomat someday and for it I need to master three different languages (besides my natural language: Portuguese): English, French and Spanish. I can work Spanish a little bit out, that's the reason why I rather focusing in French right now.

4. Do exercises regularly.

I became aware that to be in a state of peace of mind you also have to be in a state of peace of body: Mens sana in corpore sano. Alson, in 2017 I lost weight because of all the problems I experienced. In 2018, I want to be more satisfied with my body.

5. Study for CAE.

This year I will start to teach English and I want to take this certificate to improve in the company. Therefore, I will continue to study English, at least by myself. 

6. Save money.

My dream is to travel the world. That's why I am so excited about working, because I will finally save money to do it. I have put a monthly goal and by the end of the year I hope to save something arround R$ 2.000,00. 

7. Be more organized.

So many plans require organization. In 2018 I will try to maintain a routine to balance studying and working. I have tried that before and it never worked with me. Let's see if this year it is going to be different.

8. Explore.

Explore not necessarily means going to places where I have never been to, but get out more. Going to the movies, visiting a museum or a friend's house, taking the bus just to see the city, etc. I enjoy exploring like this, but unfortunatelly some times I am so lazy that I rather watch a TV show than going out.

9. Participate in social projects.

I have always wished to take part in some social project but my lack of initiative never allowed me to. This year I am compromised to overcome it and finally do something to my community.

So, those are my resolutions for 2018. I hope to by the end of the year come back to check what I was able to accomplish. 

Bye, and be who you wish to be in 2018! :)

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